Radio Instagram Salon Beauty personal care nails hairWe’ve said it before — the beauty and personal care industry is booming. Millennials’ love of digital media and their strong desire to look their best in their selfies combine to make the beauty and personal care industry stronger than ever. The personal care industry has been growing steadily, according to research from The NPD Group.

Although digital media has certainly increased Millennials’ desire to look great, women of all ages still prefer to buy at brick and mortar locations. Women want to touch products, try samples and interact with people when they buy cosmetics, hair care products, shaving supplies, perfumes and more.
How do you make sure women in Delaware, Maryland and Southern Pennsylvania find your business and buy your products? We’ve got a few ideas for you.


Instagram is a strong way to show off visual products and visual results. Users rely on Instagram for beauty ideas and inspiration, so it’s a natural place to place marketing messages. Feature photos of your products, or announce new arrivals. Take selfies with customers or encourage customers to post their own selfies. Take advantages of your suppliers’ gorgeous photography and put your logo in the corner (with their permission of course!) Get even more reach for your posts with paid advertising campaigns from DBCi. We can help you make a splash on Instagram.

Search MarketingSalon Hair Care Beauty Cosmetics Marketing Advertising Social Media

So many people today start their research online. They look for products, read reviews and look for retailers that carry certain products or brands. If you want to get in front of these people, you’ll need to spend time increasing your search engine ranking. Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) helps your business rank higher on search engines by making sure your website has the best mix of keywords, structure and images. Search Engine Marketing (or SEM) refers to placing paid listing or ads for your business within search engines, to ensure your business pops up sooner. DBCi helps business all over the Delaware Valley get in front of the right customers faster by improving both SEO and SEM.

Radio Advertising

Delaware radio social media advertising marketing digital mediaWant to reach women on the go? Nothing drives retail traffic faster than radio. Our team represents a wide range of radio stations, each with special marketing and audience traits that can work to your business’s advantage. Radio is especially effective in promoting sales and limited-time offers. Our DBCi staff can create a radio plan that fits your marketing needs, and your budget.

Are You Ready To Grow Your Business?

Our team of experienced digital professionals offer a broad selection of marketing tools that can help you find and convert more clients and customers. The beauty and personal care industry is growing. Make sure your business grows too. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Beauty Businesses: Use Digital to Attract More Clients

digital marketing discussionWhile Millennials have proven to be a marketing challenge for many industries, the beauty industry is booming. Millennials’ love of digital media and their strong desire to look their best in their selfies combine to fuel a bona fide beauty boom. The beauty industry, especially high-end beauty products and processes, has been growing steadily, according to research from The NPD Group.

And although digital media is responsible for increasing the desire to look great, when it comes to beauty products and processes, women of all ages prefer brick and mortar options. That’s great news for salons, beauty retailers and cosmetic enhancement providers across the Delaware Valley. Women still want to get beautiful the old-fashioned way – in person, feeling pampered, and interacting with real people.

How do you make sure women in Delaware, Maryland and Southern Pennsylvania find your business and buy your products? Online marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach this lucrative consumer.

Social Media Increase Brand Reach

Beauty SEO SEM Social Media Delaware Valley Wilmington Dover

Consider your social media channels, especially Instagram, as virtual shopping experiences. Show how great clients will look after using your products and services. Take shots of your products or feature new arrivals. Post photos of your cosmetics, hair products or accessories. Take selfies with customers or encourage customers to post their own selfies. Get even more reach for your posts with paid social media ad campaigns from DBCi. We can increase the reach of your best social media post tenfold, or we can create ads for you that will drive more beauty clients in your door.

SEO and SEM Boost Your Search Engine Presence

By now, most of us realize that potential beauty clients and customers start their searches online. They research Social Media Digital Marketing Havre De Grace Maryland Baltimore products, read reviews and make purchases, often with just a few taps of a finger. They want to find good options fast. If you want to get in front of these people, you’ll need to spend time increasing your search engine ranking. In the marketing world, we call this process Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. DBCi helps businesses all over the Delaware Valley increase their search engine rankings. Unless you show up on the first page of a search, it’s unlikely that new prospects will ever see your business’s name.

Because first page placement is so important, and because even the best SEO sometimes takes months to fully integrate with search engines, we recommend that beauty businesses supplement SEO efforts with SEM, or Search Engine Marketing. DBCi can place paid ads for your business within search engines to ensure your business pops up sooner.

The Beauty of Email Marketing

Women of all ages appreciate getting relevant offers for products that they care about. Conversely, they hate getting spam. That’s why it’s so important to use a great email marketing team. Professionals can help you create effective emails with interactive features, and send those emails to highly targeted lists. Whether you’re a salon or a gym, a beauty retailer or a cosmetics services provider, when you follow best practices and use the right resources, email marketing can become one of the most effective tools in your marketing arsenal. DBCi is experienced in getting exceptional ROI using targeted, interactive emails. We know women of all ages respond to the right email messages .

Are you Ready to Grow Your Beauty Business?

Our team of experienced digital professionals offer a wide range of digital marketing tools that can help you find and convert more clients and customers. The beauty industry is growing. Make sure your business grows too. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.


Who Will Manage Your Social Media?

social media manager

In previous blogs we have talked about Social Media Planning and things like what to post and why to post it, but many small business owners are still struggling with the “Who.” As in who will manage their social media?

As I mentioned in my previous blogblog on building your Social Media Strategy, it’s great to have multiple people involved in generating content for your Social Media profiles. However it’s also important to designate a single person that can manage them all effectively. If there are too many hands in the pot, you risk diluting your brand with bad content that does not match the tone you wish to portray for your business.

So, how do you find someone that can effectively navigate your social media platforms and post content that is relevant to your business in a consistently? There are 3 different approaches to consider at when faced with this task:

Designate the Task Internally

If you have someone internally that has the time and ability to take on the task of social media management, this may be a good place to start. Choosing this strategy may be cost effective up front, but business owner need to know that good social media management does take time! You must be willing to allot sufficient time, training and resources to whoever you designate this task too.

Hire an Internal Social Media ManagerSocial Media Manager

If you decide to choose this strategy it is important to be conscious of the full scope of this role prior to starting the hiring process. Hiring a new employee often comes as a substantial investment so you will want to make sure you properly vet all prospects to ensure you get the best return for your investment. A Social Media Manager should be: Internet Savvy, Organized, Creative, Flexible, Adaptable and have good time management skills, just to start.

Hire an External Social Media Company

Just like hiring internally, hiring an external social media partner comes with new costs to consider. In our blog post “Choosing the right Digital Partner” Melissa addresses 5 ways to vet businesses before you decide to partner with them. It’s important to do your research before going into a commitment with a company that will essentially become your business’s online “voice”.

Now that we have discussed “What to Post”, “Why to Post” and “Who will Post” we should jump into the “Where”… Where should you be posting? Download our new e-Book, “The Social Media Game: What’s Your Missing Piece?” for even more helpful tips and tools to get you started!

What to Post to Which Social Media Platforms

Social Media

So unless you are living under a rock, in a very deep hole covered by magma and lava… you know you need social media. You know how important social media is. But what platform is right for you and your business?? There are so many different ways to get our brand recognized in social media and they all require a certain amount of time and dedication to be done right and to get the most out of what you’re putting in.

So Which one is for you and how do you choose? Here’s a brief rundown:

Facebook LogoFacebook

93% of adults who are online users are “friends” with Mark Zuckerberg. So just because everyone else is on there does that mean you should be too? In a word. YES. Because all of your audience is already there. Facebook is used to keep in touch with family, friends and even news. While people are clicking through these personal posts they are also seeing tons of other posts all meant to spark conversations… or even sales.

It’s a casual environment and almost anything goes. With taste of course and you want to stay true to your brand.  Keep about 60 % sharing and 40% about your company. You don’t want it to come across sales-y. Remember this is all about SHARING not advertising.

Facebook has however figured out how to make money and most organic reach is tough to say the least so you need a small budget here. It’s worth it! I could write pages on this but that is all for another post.

The ways to share and connect on Facebook are almost endless. Most other platforms only use some or one way to connect for different reasons. On Facebook you can post with an image, which is always the best way or better yet a video. You can also use hashtags that will allow you to come up in a search. There are chat or message apps connected to directly contact. You can join groups with similar interests or target audiences and form events to invite potential clients. Not to mention the endless amount of statistics Facebook automatically gives you in business account, with the ability to target your ads and posts to the exact demographic you are trying to reach.

To be clear… if you are business… you are starting a business account. Please do NOT try to use a personal one… huge no-no and you will regret it. And remember, Facebook is NOT your business website!

Twitter logoTwitter

There are 650 million registered users on Twitter. Which means there are a lot of people you have access to. That also means with 58 million tweets per day it’s really easy to get lost in a world of tweets for a twitter user. So in my opinion you need to be sure it’s worth it. Decide where your audience is located. Are they on twitter and more importantly are they using it frequently? To find out …look into groups and other twitter accounts similar to what yours would be like. Are they engaging? How many followers do they have?

If your target audience is nationwide or even worldwide? This is a big one to determining if twitter is the best platform because it’s really easy to connect with people all over the world in real time. Just use some hashtags and jump into these conversations from anywhere and anytime. Twitter is not the type of platform however, you can post it and forget it. (None are really) You need to be tweeting several times a day and staying in connection throughout the topic of conversation.

LinkedIn logoLinkedIn

LinkedIn is like “Facebook” for the professional. If you are someone who needs to make constant connections through networking, you do the recruiting, or hiring, if you are looking for a job, this is the platform for you! It’s perfect for learning opinions and finding great articles on all work related topics, advice, industry insights and more.

Some things to keep in mind with Linked-In: it is for professionals and should be used as such. Basically that means it is not as casual (it’s not regular Facebook). Posts should be professional and relevant to your profession. You should keep those you accept in your linked in only if you actually are connected with them in some way. This will help you see how you have other connections in 2nd and 3rd degree connections. Otherwise your actual connections will be too watered down to track. It’s all about growing your professional network.

Instagram logoInstagramSocial Media Platforms

A picture is worth a thousand words right? This social media platform is based solely on this premise and it works!   The best part is not only do you have a picture that is visually appealing but you can now share videos too! In addition to sharing with great sights to feast your eyes on, you are also able to take advantage of the hashtags to ensure your post will come up in a search and get more followers. For that reason it is common to have a post with over 11 different hashtags, as there is no limit to the length of the content.

So if you are in the food, fashion, designing, decorating, fitness or any other visual industry this is a no brainer! Instagram is much less formal and you can really let your personally shine here.

Pinterest logoPinterest

Pinterest is similar to Instagram in that it also based on the visuals. Pinterest is also great for organizing and looking for inspiration. Perfect for DIY, how to, cooking, travel, home decor, photography and so much more. Pinterest is most popular with women so if females play a big part in your profession it’s probably a good idea to get a Pinterest account. Another fun fact: Pinterest users spend 3 times the amount of money other social media platforms spend.

Google+ logoGoogle+

Great for sharing to personal and professional and other various different types of audiences you might have. This is because all of your “groups” are organized into “circles” that can be shared to individually without sharing to other circles.

Currently the platform has about 300 million users so it’s certainly worth looking into.

Anyone with a website that needs some SEO lift, this platform is a great way to get some leverage. It is affiliated with a well-known search engine you may have heard of.. Google? So that’s a major plus. You can utilize hash tags and tags which can help with getting your post in front of the target audience.

YouTube logoYouTube

YouTube has been around for a while and many people do not think of it as a social media platform but it is so overlooked! There are over 1 billion users that visit their site every month! Also 80% of this traffic comes from outside the US so if that is a demographic you want to gain access to, this platform is for you! YouTube is also owned my google which means again… SEO boosts!

YouTube is a great platform for the obvious… videos! If you are offering advice or how to…this is a great way to do so wish informational videos. In addition you can do behind the scenes footage to add humor and fun and some unexpected content.

Tips for this platform are definitely using a good headline to get the initial click… very important. Next get the word out and put your video links everywhere you can. Be very diligent in your descriptions and tag, tag, tag!

Hope this helps!… In conclusion: It is far better to do a few platforms well, than to do all of them terribly. Pick 2 or 3 and have some fun. Play with posts and see what works and what doesn’t. If all else fails hire a professional… better yet ask us… we can help!


The Power of Social Media … and PIZZA!

Social Media Power

Whether you are a consumer or a business, it’s really no secret that social media holds a high power when it comes to online marketing. There are so many different outlets today that businesses can use on top of traditional media and their own websites; Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram to name a few. The truth is, social media — when used strategically over time — is the most powerful form of marketing and market research the world has ever seen.

We’ve talked many times before about which social media platforms are right for you and your marketing strategy, but today I want to take a different direction and touch on the power it has in the ability to CONNECT to your audience.

Sure, anyone could ‘Like’ you on Facebook, Follow you on Twitter or even + you on Google+. But then what? Keep your audience engaged. Do not use these outlets as just a sales tool. There is so much more than can be done. It’s called “social media” for a reason. You’re there to be social!

You might be a big company, a little company, or somewhere in between. Truth is, any size business can use social media platforms to show their customers that you aren’t a fink. That you can be trusted. That you know your stuff. When someone reaches out online, take that as an opportunity to engage with them. The biggest factor that kills your conversions is lack of trust. Social media gives you an awesomely efficient, cheap, and effective way to build that trust.

So now let’s get to the fun stuff and allow me to explain the blog title.  While scrolling through Facebook just last night, an article caught my eye. “British man starts Twitter spat between phone companies, gets free pizza for a year”. Um, can I have free pizza for a year…please? It really tells a story as to how being a responsive company can prove positive in the end. People love having their voice/message heard.

This particular story happened last week when a phone company sent out a tweet offering “free pizza for your office today”. In an effort to win, Twitter user Dan May tweeted back to the company using the required “#waggytails.”

Social Media


Unfortunately, his first attempt didn’t work. Later though, the same phone company tweeted out another offer, this time the deal was sweetened as they offered Ice Cream. Dan tried his luck again, but this time he created a little friendly competition by mentioning the original companies direct competitor.

Offer Tweet

Seeing an opportunity, the second company quickly stepped up to the plate.

Dan May @dpmay

@O2 disappointed we received no pizza. Now thinking about joining @ThreeUK instead.  however would change that – 85 Newman Street W1T 3EX


@dpmay @O2 we’ll #makeitright Dan. Pizza & Ice-cream on the way 🙂

Company number one quickly fired back offering the deal of a life time … free pizza … for a year!



@dpmay We’d like to make your tail wag, how about free pizza for the rest of the year?

Offer Tweet


In the end, Dan walked away a happy man. One that I am extremely jealous of. But as fun as the exchange was on Twitter, to me it shows what power social media has. You get to learn more about your audience; what they like and dislike. What’s working for you and what’s not. And you get to engage. Consumers love to know that they are being heard. We can’t all win pizza for year (sadly) nor can all companies give it away, but knowing our voices are being heard is just as rewarding. Use this to your advantage. Reply to reviews, answer questions, and have fun! Let users know that there is a human behind the computer screen. Not only do they see what you have to say, but others do as well. This can benefit you in more ways than one.

Questions or comments? Let us know how DBCi can help!

The Benefits Of Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights

Over the past few weeks, we have highlighted the good, the bad and the ugly of many social media platforms in on our blog posts. We have touched on The Problem with PinterestThe 5 Musts on the Path of a “YouTube Sensation”, and How to Rock Your Brand on Instagram. But today, I will be talking more on Social Media Behemoth, Facebook. And more so, on the Facebook Insights tool used when advertising.

With the amount of $$ going into Facebook advertising, it only makes sense that you want to get the most out of your hard earned dollar. Did you know that more than 70% of social media advertising spend is done through Facebook. Not surprising to me, actually.

And with this comes what Facebook Insights; an amazing tool that I use daily and absolutely LOVE, to help you understand how people are interacting with your Page and more importantly, your ads you are spending dollars on. Using Insights, you can view important metrics regarding the performance of your Page, discover which posts foster the most engagement (via likes, shares and comments) and learn more about the time frames in which audience participation is at its highest.

Any time you work with an analytics tool such as Facebook Insights, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all of the different data available to you, but what are some of the most useful things to pay attention to? Below are three highly useful (and just plain cool) things Facebook Insights can tell you about your Page.

  1. Posts Ranked by Engagement Level

We’re all fans of our own content, but what does our audience actually think about it? The Posts report can give you some key insights to help you answer that question.

  • When Your Fans Are Online – This gives you a picture of when your fans/followers are logged in and active on Facebook.
  • Posts Type – This will show you how each of your different post types (e.g., link, text, photo, and video) perform in terms of engagement.
  • All Posts Published – This provides you with a list of all the posts you’ve published so far, with detailed stats for each post including reach, clicks, likes, comments and shares.

Use this data to help you discover the types of posts that resonate with your audience, so you can continue publishing similar content.

  1. Post Reach as a Response Monitoring Tool

This section of Facebook Insights may not be the most fancy, and some don’t deem it as important, but how neat is it to see (literally see, as in, they show a fun graph) that shoes the total number of people that your post/ad was served too. Reach is a standalone stat, but it can definitely come in handy as a tool to measure your audience’s responses to strategy changes.

If you decide to make a change to your posting strategy (e.g., increasing post frequency, posting video rather than text, etc.), you can use the “Post Reach” graph to set a benchmark date range so you can gauge the impact of your strategy adjustments. You’ll be able to compare your current Reach stats to a previous period to find out whether or not your strategy is working.

  1. The “People Engaged” Report as an Audience Targeting Tool

And now, one of my FAVORITE parts of Facebook Insights. The ability to see a demographic breakdown of the people who have liked, commented on or shared your Page content within the past month.

Using this important information regarding the age, gender and location of your audience can give you a leg up when you’re looking to target a particular demographic with your Boosted (i.e., paid) Posts. By narrowing down these demographic factors in your audience criteria, you can be assured that you’re targeting your Facebook Ads to people proven to be candidates for high engagement with your content.

Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights is an awesome tool with extremely useful information, so spend some time looking through the different analytics information available. Interested in learning more? DBC Interactive can also help you construct a successful Facebook ad campaign and provide these analytics to you.

Social Media Update: SnapChat and Instagram Make Moves

Social Media Updates

Two of the most popular mobile social media platforms, SnapChat and Instagram, have announced drastic changes to their applications in the past month. The announcements have users in an uproar, but is it necessary? I’ll fill you in on the changes and let you decide.


According to Snap Chat’s blog, they want to make their Chat feature “the best way to communicate — second only to hanging out face-to-face.” In an effort to further that mission, they announced some updates to the feature, calling it Chat 2.0. Chat 2.0 will allow friends to send stickers or instantly send live audio or video messages. The goal is to make the communication as seamless as possible to reflect an actual face-to-face interaction.

Another change that’s irking some of the users is the auto-play feature on Snap Stories. Instead of separating and pausing after each user, as you tap through Snap Stories you run through your whole feed of recent updates. It might be a change, but it’s certainly a time saver!


The Facebook-owned Image App announced that they will be switching to an algorithm based News Feed rather than the chronological view that subscribers are used to. Instagram claims that on average its users miss about 70% of their feed when it is shown in chronological order. Users will now see posts that the app deems most relevant to them based on interactions and relevance. It’s a big change but not an unexpected one when you consider the recent addition of advertising and the acquisition by Facebook which followed a similar pattern.Get loyal customers with these social media updates

What does this mean for businesses?

The Instagram change has the biggest impact on businesses using the application. Social Media Managers will now have to learn how to navigate the new algorithm to make sure their fans are seeing as much of their content as possible. I predict this will drive many businesses to adjust their strategy and increase engagement.

However, for better or worse these major changes indicate that these applications are here to stay. Unlike so many that rise to popularity and disappear just as quickly, SnapChat and Instagram are withstanding the test of time. They’re already big players in the social media game, but these changes will make them even bigger. If your audience is using these platforms and your business is not, I’d recommend fixing that immediately!

Not sure if your target audience is using these apps? Our FREE social media e-book can help you determine which platform is best for your business.

Why Should You Work With A Digital Marketing Partner?

Why Should You Work With A Digital Marketing Partner-

The biggest difference I notice in selling digital versus traditional advertising is the client’s attitude towards accessibility. Nobody ever says they have their own radio station that they create advertisements for, or their own print publication – but business owners create and execute their own digital advertising campaigns all of the time.

New outlets, especially social media, make advertising available directly to the business. Without needing a third party for access, there isn’t an obvious need to hire a vendor or a digital expert to handle digital marketing, because you can do it yourself! Right? Not necessarily. Even though you can access these digital advertising platforms there are several reasons to have a digital media partner handle your digital advertising.

Save Time: As a business owner you already have your plate full with issues like employees, operations, inventory and clients. These are going to take up the majority of your time. Adding marketing responsibilities into that mix is going to take time away from your other responsibilities. Experts in digital advertising are able to take these projects off of your hands and free up your valuable time.

Save Money: How does paying someone to do your advertising save you money? The easy answer is efficiency. Not only are Digital Partners able to execute the same campaigns in less time, but because of our knowledge and expertise, we’re often able to use your budget in a more efficient way. This could be done by selecting a more focused target audience, improving ad performance or even by choosing the most effective advertising outlets. Maybe you’re spending all of your budget on Facebook but your business could really benefit more from a targeted email campaign.

Accountability: If you assign these responsibilities to yourself or an internal employee who does not have marketing as their primary job function, it may get de-prioritized or forgotten when other aspects of the job take priority. You’re paying your digital partner to execute these campaigns for you. They are contractually obligated to fulfill your campaign.  If you’ve chosen a good digital partner, they will keep you in the loop throughout the campaign and bring results to review with you as proof of performance.

Strategy: A Digital Partner has the time, knowledge and ability to properly plan your digital campaigns. If you have a big sale or a grand opening coming up, a digital partner can look ahead and strategize with you to create an all-inclusive digital plan that reaches your target audience at the appropriate time. This is much more effective than trying to get something together last minute at the same time you are trying to pull this big event together.

Leaving it to the experts will save you time, money and improve the overall quality of your digital marketing. At DBC Interactive, we work closely with our business partners to develop a working relationship that fits each business’ unique needs. We’d love to discuss how we can help you make your digital marketing strategy more effective.


2016: A Social Media Year in Review

Social Media

From the amount of blogs we’ve posted on the topic of Social Media this year, I’m sure you can conclude that this medium as form of advertising is here to stay, in one form or another. The traditional outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have had to make major updates to stay competitive and relevant amongst thousands of new social media platforms emerging each year.

Here are some of the biggest changes that effected marketers using Social Media in 2016:

  • Instagram Algorithm

    Prior to June 2016, Instagram posts appeared in a user’s feed based on the time they were posted. Instagram followed in its parent company’s footsteps by implementing an algorithm that decides the order of posts based on its relevance to each user. This makes it increasingly difficult for businesses to grow their presence on this platform without paying to advertise.

  • Twitter Character LimitsSocial Media Channels

    While the 140 character limit still remains, Twitter now allows users to attach images and videos without using additional characters. Now marketers can create a message for their brand that is worth much more than 140 characters.

  • Instagram Stories

    In August of 2016, Instagram rolled out their “Stories” feature which gave users a Snapchat-like experience within Instagram. Instagram’s official blog post on the topic claims the feature was created to allow users to “over post” without flooding their follower’s feeds. This is great for businesses because the stories show up at the top of the Instagram feed and may help make up for some of the algorithm impacts we previously mentioned.

  • Facebook Live

    Although this one technically launched in 2015, Facebook Live’s popularity and usage skyrocketed in 2016. This tool gives marketers and personal users a platform to live stream anything to their followers. We’ve seen this work out really well for some brands, and for others not so much…

Can’t keep up with all of the changes? That’s what the DBC Interactive team is here for! Let us help you put together a social media strategy that makes the most of these updates and those yet to come in 2017.

3 Important Steps in Developing Your Social Media Strategy

blog1 feature image

It seems that in the world of business these days that social media has become the go to buzz word when discussing marketing & brand awareness. However, while everyone talks about it very few know how to do it properly. Social media is a great “free” tool that can give your business access to millions of potential customers, but you need to know that it is just that, a tool! In order to utilize social media properly it is important to keep in mind that it should not be used as a substitution for a marketing plan, this includes your business website. So, are you ready to get social?

Here are the 3 most important things to consider when getting your business started with social media…

  1. Designate a Social Media Leader
  2. Identify the Social Media Channels that are relevant for your business
  3. Content – Engage, Engage, Engage!!!

Designating a Social Media Leader

Although it is great to have multiple people involved in generating content for your Social Media sites it’s important to designate a single person that can manage them all effectively. If there is too many hands in the pot you risk diluting your brand with band content that does not match the tone you wish to portray for your business. Find someone that can effectively navigate your social media platforms & post content that is relevant to your business in a consistent manor. Developing a social media calendar is a great way of keeping this organized!

Identifying the Social Media Channels that are Relevant for your Business

It seems like there are hundreds of platforms that are constantly popping up and it can be overwhelming when trying to identify the best ones for your business. Although there is no set number of social media sites you should be a part of, it’s important to identify your target audience and the platforms that they use so you can reach them appropriately. You do not want to over commit in your strategy, it’s not just about having a visual presence on these different sites. You need to be active and engaging as well! Below are a few resources to get your started…

Relevant social media channels for your business

Age distribution by social media platforms

Content, Content, Content

This is by far the most important thing to consider in regards to your social media strategy! Consistency is key, but you also have to be engaging to your viewers as well. A lot of people make the mistake of producing content that is not interesting to their audience, so their efforts become wasted. Although Facebook & Twitter may seem like a great place to post your specials, you need to offer content that makes your audience feel compelled to read it. With all of the “noise” that is now prevalent online, what can you offer will make viewers compelled to share with their friends?

Additional Questions? Contact DBCi today and let’s talk about how we can help you develop a fully integrated marketing strategy that can pair with a social media plan that reaches your target customers today!

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