Social Media Update: SnapChat and Instagram Make Moves

Social Media Updates

Two of the most popular mobile social media platforms, SnapChat and Instagram, have announced drastic changes to their applications in the past month. The announcements have users in an uproar, but is it necessary? I’ll fill you in on the changes and let you decide.


According to Snap Chat’s blog, they want to make their Chat feature “the best way to communicate — second only to hanging out face-to-face.” In an effort to further that mission, they announced some updates to the feature, calling it Chat 2.0. Chat 2.0 will allow friends to send stickers or instantly send live audio or video messages. The goal is to make the communication as seamless as possible to reflect an actual face-to-face interaction.

Another change that’s irking some of the users is the auto-play feature on Snap Stories. Instead of separating and pausing after each user, as you tap through Snap Stories you run through your whole feed of recent updates. It might be a change, but it’s certainly a time saver!


The Facebook-owned Image App announced that they will be switching to an algorithm based News Feed rather than the chronological view that subscribers are used to. Instagram claims that on average its users miss about 70% of their feed when it is shown in chronological order. Users will now see posts that the app deems most relevant to them based on interactions and relevance. It’s a big change but not an unexpected one when you consider the recent addition of advertising and the acquisition by Facebook which followed a similar pattern.Get loyal customers with these social media updates

What does this mean for businesses?

The Instagram change has the biggest impact on businesses using the application. Social Media Managers will now have to learn how to navigate the new algorithm to make sure their fans are seeing as much of their content as possible. I predict this will drive many businesses to adjust their strategy and increase engagement.

However, for better or worse these major changes indicate that these applications are here to stay. Unlike so many that rise to popularity and disappear just as quickly, SnapChat and Instagram are withstanding the test of time. They’re already big players in the social media game, but these changes will make them even bigger. If your audience is using these platforms and your business is not, I’d recommend fixing that immediately!

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Snapchat: Creative Content and Advertising?

Snapchat Advertising

Snapchat has been a rising star in the social space since its launch in 2011 but it has come a long way from its original form. When Snapchat first launched, it was adored for its ability to allow users to share temporary pictures via private messages or “snaps” that could only be viewed by the recipient for a pre-established amount of time, before becoming lost forever.

Now just 5 years later, Snapchat has grown in to a versatile multimedia social messaging platform, which Delaware Fair Snapchatconsists of a photo or a short video that can be edited with text, filters, stickers or geography based overlays known as GeoTags. Snaps can then either be shared as a semi-public “story”, which is compiled and automatically shared with the user’s contact list for 24 hours, or sent privately to recipients of their choice.

With the increase in usability and creative content development opportunities SnapChat has increased its user base to over 150 million daily active users, which as of June 2016 has official surpassed Twitter!

More than half of Snapchats users are over Age 25 which is a huge opportunity for marketers to reach these younger demographics, but they are going to have to be a little more creative in this space. So, If you’re a business looking to delve into the Snapchat space you have two main options much like other social platforms, organic and paid, but you must be prepared to really put time, resources and creativity into this space

In terms of “paid” advertising on Snapchat businesses have 5 main options, although the majority are not going to be attainable for most SMBs (Small & Medium Size Businesses)….

  • Discover Channels

    The Discover section of Snapchat is only open to a select few publishers and media brands that create regular editorial content for users to explore. Brands can purchase ad space in this section for a hefty price of $50K-$100K a day.

  • Live Channels

    Live stories are user-generated content from events and locations around the world which gives viewers a unique in the moment perspective. This section sees high levels of engagement with 10M-20M Snapchatter views every day. In turn, it comes with a large prices tag of about $100K-$500K per campaign.

  • Snap Ad

    These are skippable 10-second video ads that appear between some Snapchat Stories. Brands can create expandable Snap Ads as well by asking viewer to swipe up to view longer videos, install an app, or direct to their website.

  • Lenses

    This is one of the most popular features within the app that allows users to utilize filters to alter the user’s face or image within their snaps. Brand sponsored lenses are a great way to engage millions of snapchat users daily but one lens could run between $450K – $750K per day.

  • GeoFilters

    Geographically-determined text and/or graphics displayed over a Snapchat video or photo which offers users a way of enhancing their content and increase engagement. This is the one ad space that Snapchat will allow brands to design and purchase their own custom On-Demand Geofilters to help promote events or other promotions. Prices for this space is much for affordable and is based on the square footage and time frame you would like for your filter.

Have more questions about Snapchat or how you can use it to promote your own local event? Contact DBC Interactive today and we will walk you through all the steps you need to know to create a Successful Snapchat Campaign, even if you are a Small or Medium size business!


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