3 Digital Tips for Healthcare Marketers

More people are turning to the web to find healthcare information and practices and businesses they need. And why not? Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing can make it easy for all kinds of people to locate all sorts of healthcare products and services. During these searches, people often form a first impression. They learn things like ”Which insurance carriers does your practice accept?” “What kind of reviews have previous patients left?” and “Does your practice conduct itself with high standards of integrity and ethics?”

Often, they get their first impression of your business before your website is even visited. First impressions may take shape as consumers subconsciously ask themselves:

  • Are they ranked high on Google?
  • Have I seen advertisements by them?
  • Do I keep seeing their name?
  • Does it seem like people like them?

Are you unsure of what kind of first impression your potential patients and customers might have of you based on these four questions? If so, it might be a good time to take a few minutes to look at your business from the eyes of a potential patient or customer. Google yourself. Take stock of your community outreach. Complete a self-assessment.

Evaluating oneself can sometimes be difficult, but it’s an essential step to improving your digital brand. Check out the solutions below from marketing experts at DBC Interactive and learn how you can improve your business’s first impression.

DIAGNOSIS: Your website’s search engine ranking is low

TREATMENT: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If your website is easy for search engines to read, search engines are more likely to rank your website higher in subsequent search results. Here are some tips that will help you optimize your website code:

  • Make sure your website lists relevant keywords and phrasesDental hygienist holding Healthcare dental tools
  • Include Alt tags on your photos
  • Edit meta tags to ensure accessibility

Don’t panic if you have no idea what an “Alt tag” is; most people don’t. Optimizing a website is frequently an ongoing effort in an unfamiliar territory, which is why many business owners hire digital marketing consultants like DBC Interactive to manage their SEO efforts.

DIAGNOSIS: No digital ad presence

TREATMENT: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Your healthcare business is losing leads if you’re not marketing your services online. Search engine marketing, or SEM, is a quick way to drive traffic to your website, especially if your healthcare business appeals to a specific demographic. One of the most effective SEM techniques used to target specific audiences is called Dynamic PPC. Dynamic PPC, commonly referred to as “pay-per-click”, allows your healthcare practice to:Healthcare Delaware Physical Therapist marketing

  1. Place paid ads around relevant searches
  2. Pay an amount for your ads that is based on the number of clicks to your site
  3. Have presence on search result pages without relying solely on the search engines to rank your website

DBCi has experts who can help you create a vibrant PPC program that drives the right people to your website.

DIAGNOSIS: You’re having difficulty keeping your healthcare practice top-of-mind with your patients and customers

TREATMENT: Retargeting

Being at the top of the search engine results will certainly help bring consumers to your website, but retargeting will help you even more. Retargeting keeps your ads in front of potential patients and customers, even after they have left your website. A retargeting program can sending ads for days or even weeks after a website visit. Using retargeting, you can:Optometrist Healthcare marketing

  • Target display ads directly at potential patients or customers that have visited your website
  • Send specific messages to potential patients based on their behavior
  • Remind past website visitors that they should consult with you

Retargeting is one of the many digital products that fall under DBC Interactive’s menu of services. Whether you want digital, web, mobile or radio advertising, the media experts at DBC Interactive for are ready to help you build a media plan that delivers your best customers.

How to Take the Headache Out Of Menu Changes and Restaurant Marketing

digital marketing discussionThings change constantly in the food industry. New regulations, new customers, new tastes, new ingredients. There’s one thing that might always change for your Delaware, Maryland or Pennsylvania restaurant…it’s the menu. Rotating your seasonal menu might be stressful, but worth every second. It keeps your guests excited, your staff creative, and your competition at bay. But when your menu changes seasonally, marketing your new menu could be a challenge. Buzzwords like “fresh” or “seasonal” won’t help you stand out anymore with so many restaurants and bars opening. You have to outthink your competition and create new ways to draw diners in.

It’s crucial that you publicize the launch and popularity of new menu items. Without showing off your new additions, customers might pass you by. Take a look at these creative ways to easily take the head ache out of marketing your latest menu release.

1. First things first have a strong search engine result. SEM can help.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to hear that restaurants have become one of the most heavily researched businesses by consumers. In a survey conducted by OpenTable, with over 6,000 participants, they found that:

  • 87% of respondents said they found restaurants via online searches
  • 86% read the menu
  • 60% consult with online reviews

Your restaurant can’t afford to not have a strong online presence. Search engine marketing, or SEM, can help your business increase visibility in search engine results pages through paid advertising. Without working on a search engine strategy, your Italian restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland might now show up when someone types “Italian restaurant Baltimore” into Google. It should, and you can get it to the top of results with something as simple as keywords.Foodies eating a meal in Maryland

One way to boost your search engine results is by spending time with Google Adwords. Google AdWords is Google’s advertising system where you bid on certain keywords and win clickable ads that appear in Google’s search results. DBCi knows how to use pay-per-click methods, like Google Adwords, to spread the buzz about your new menu change.

2. So you got people on your site, now don’t lose them.

Being top on search engine results might help lure some new food lovers to your restaurant’s website, but retargeting helps even more. Retargeting keeps your restaurant’s advertisements in front of buyers after they leave your website, sending ads for days or even weeks after they visit your website. With retargeting, your restaurant can reach interested customers more often. Getting foodies to your website should be an ongoing focus to ensure a constant funnel of customers. And once they find your site, make sure you leverage each visit with a retargeting strategy.

DBCi knows how to use retargeting so that your restaurant doesn’t lose one interested Foodie. But, retargeting isn’t the only way to attract new and regular customers. Having a strong reputation is key to ensuring all your marketing efforts do their job.

3. Get fans to love you more with email marketing.

Maybe you already have a loyal following or want to beef up your fan base a little more. Email marketing has one main draw that you don’t want to miss. It requires users to sign up for newsletters, making it one of the few marketing channels directed at an audience that wants to receive the message.Woman in a cafe ordering to waiter in Delaware

Because you’re among fans, you can be personal, giving your readers special offers and even behind the scenes glimpses. This gives an air of an exclusive community for your bar or restaurant. The goal of every email is to keep your customers engaged, excited about your restaurant, and give them an incentive to return. That’s why email marketing is perfect to publicize new menus.

As for results, email marketing is unmatched for ROI. The Direct Marketing Association’s latest data shows a return of nearly $41 for every dollar spent on email marketing. But, finding time to collect email addresses and write effective emails can be difficult. DBCi has a team that can easily get email marketing set up for your business in time for the latest menu change. With just one email blast, hundreds can read about your latest and delicious menu items.

4. Use video to show off what you know best: Food.

Watching food preparation is one simple way to get people thinking about eating food. Your restaurant or bar can use videos to show off your brand’s newest items and unique style. By making a simple food preparation video, your regulars can share the video and spread awareness for new menu items instantly.

A marketing move you can do easily is create a YouTube channel to store all your videos. Create and then share on YouTube some shots from your restaurant, maybe in the kitchen or as the plate meets the dinner table. Remember, people are searching for your restaurant and want to see its offerings. By posting videos online, your restaurant can appear more on Google and will help in ranking your website. Why not show them exactly what your newest plate looks like with video?

DBCi knows how to show off your videos on your restaurant’s website or social media platforms. By including video online, your restaurant can break the news of menu changes in an engaging way.

Restaurant marketing shouldn’t be a hassle.

You might have too much on your plate already in the restaurant industry. Don’t think that restaurant marketing is just another headache to deal with. Use your seasonal menu as a marketing tool for your eatery. Promoting new food items can be easy with DBCi. Contact us today to learn more!

To read more about restaurant marketing, read our blog on Delaware Valley restaurants.

Medical Marketing: Create More Awareness

digital marketing discussionMarketing a healthcare business certainly has a unique set of challenges. The FDA’s heavy regulation on medical marketing messages combines with HIPAA compliance regulations that restrict how patient information is used and stored. It’s not only difficult to find new and effective ways to market to potential patients, it can also be intimidating.

How can you take advantage of new marketing techniques in such a heavily regulated industry?

It’s no longer argued whether digital marketing is effective in reaching potential patients and customers. It is. Even though regulations makes it hard for many type of medical businesses to adapt quickly to new technology, medical patients still lead the way in adopting new digital behaviors. As a result, people expect medical and healthcare businesses, including dentists, pharmacies, dermatologists and aesthetic healthcare specialists, to be tech-savvy.

According to recent studies, 84% of patients used both online and offline sources for things like hospital research. And according to the same Google research, 44% of patients who researched hospitals on mobile devices also went on to schedule an appointment.

So which digital tools should consider to help you do a better job of marketing your business to tech-savvy patients and customers?

Start with Search Engine Optimization

SEO retargeting display ads Delaware ValleyMore and more patients and customers are going online to find and research health issues and health providers. That’s why it’s so important that your business has a clear search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. You need to make sure that when customers and patients in your business area are looking for expert care, your business is found quickly.

Maybe you’ve looked into buying keywords before, and found that there is a lot of competition for your keywords. Don’t get discouraged. There are cost-effective strategies that will help you show up in searches. DBCi starts by researching keywords to find the ones used most often for a business like yours. We often combine those search words with terms that only businesses in your area would use. For example, we might recommend a dentist use combinations of keywords like “Cavities,” “Central Avenue,” and “Wilmington,” instead relying on broad terms like “Dentist.” These long combinations of words are called long tail keywords.

We then help businesses populate website pages, website programming, landing pages, and social media with these long tail keywords. We also do periodic updates to optimize keywords and search terms. After all, large search engines like Google and Bing are always updating their algorithms.

Importantly, DBCi is a Google Partner which gives us an edge on search engine marketing. In fact, we often get notified directly by Google of upcoming changes, so we can be proactive for our clients.

Create Interest and Awareness with Digital Display Ads

Prescription marketing digital SEO retargeting display adsGetting people to your site isn’t easy. Even with a strong SEO program, you may need to reach out to find the people who will be most likely to be your future patients or customers. Digital ads may help. There are many types of digital display ads, including banner ads, rich media and more. Unlike the text-based ads you see on many search engines, digital display advertising allows you to get creative with images, animation, audio and video. DBCi can help you create and place ads that are dynamic enough to get attention, without being so complicated they’re slow to load.

Digital display ads can be placed on hundreds of thousands of sites, and can be formatted to be shown on desktop, tablets or a variety of mobile devices. You can limit your ads by geography and by type of site or content on site, so your ad is always shown in the places that make sense for your business and your patients and customers.

Reach More Patients and Customers with Retargeting

Even if you use SEO and digital display ads to get people to your site, you may still need help in converting them from lookers to customers. After all, no matter how great your website is, people tend to jump on and off sites pretty quickly. So how can you keep such distracted prospects engaged? With such quick visits, your potential patients and customers will probably need to revisit your site a few times before absorbing enough information to take action.

To keep patients and customers coming back to your site, consider retargeting them with ads. DBCi can help you create ads that capture attention, and send them only to the people who have visited your site. We can even retarget based on which pages they viewed. We can exclude current patients and customers to enable you to send super-targeted messages to the right people at the right time. We’ll help you keep your products and services top-of-mind until your prospective patients or customers are ready to start using your services.

Every business is different, and not every solution we list here is right for everyone. If you want to amplify your medical or healthcare business, contact us now, and we’ll create custom-built recommendations to meet your unique marketing needs.

Digital Tools Drive Leads for Auto Dealerships

Man and woman bying a car.Men sitting in a car and showing car key. Focus on key.


The automotive retail world has changed dramatically in the last few years. Potential auto purchasers have more information and options than ever. They can research new or used, truck or cross over, sales and rebates and more. No wonder auto purchasing seems so complicated to both dealerships and buyers.

The good news is that auto dealerships can make these tools work to their advantage. Getting traction with digital tools is more targeted and affordable than ever.

DBCi has many digital marketing options that can drive more traffic to your website and your showroom.

Retargeting Keeps Your Message in Front of Web Visitors

You’re probably tracking your website traffic. So you may already know how many people visit, how much time they spend there and whether it is direct traffic or referral traffic from 3rd party sources like Cars.com. But do you know how to keep marketing to these website visitors even after they’ve left your website?

Retargeting is a tool many dealerships have already employed. Retarget allows you to send additional advertising and messages to people who have already visited your website. “Remarketing” or “Retargeting” ads allow you to remind previous visitors of the cars or trucks they viewed on your site. You can customize your messages with a range of offers based on their activity while on your site. Online retailers have been using retargeting successfully for years. The practice is gaining popularity with auto dealerships because it’s an effective way to drive traffic to your auto lots.

Online Display Advertising Expands Your Audience

Young couple in a cafe using digital tabletWhile your website is a great place to promote your business, it won’t be effective if site traffic is low. One way to increase qualified traffic to your website is to invest in online display advertising. You’re able to target your ads by location, by interests and even by likelihood to purchase a vehicle in the coming months. DBCi offers digital display space on thousands of high-traffic, brand safe websites to allow you to reach thousands in your market.

Targeted Emails Allow You to Send the Right Messages at the Right Time

Email marketing has changed dramatically in the last few years. Targeted emails allow you to go beyond mailing lists and target by zip codes and even deliver to audiences based on their intent to purchase certain vehicle makes. With targeted email campaigns, you can even create automatic follow-up offers for people who opened or clicked through to your website, so you can give interested customers an extra push to visit your lot.

Geofencing Reaches People at the Right Place

Wouldn’t it be great to send your messages to people as they shop on other auto lots? Would you like to send ads to people waiting in auto repair shops? Geofencing allows you to do just that.

blurred car in showroomGeofencing allows you to send ads to websites and apps to people in specific areas. You can target ads within 100 feet of your desired location, you can actually can target people in repair shops, auto lots or other places your future customers might be. Once you identify these people, you can send follow up messages to them for weeks afterwards. And the best news is that although this cutting edge technology requires specialized marketing expertise to launch, it’s actually quite affordable when you use marketing partners like DBC interactive.

Want to find out how to get more people to visit your auto dealership? Shoot me an email and we’ll develop a custom plan that fits your needs and your budget.



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