3 Things to Know Before You Invest in Radio


Three things to know before you invest in radio advertising. DBC Interactive. Delaware

Should radio be part of your business’s advertising strategy? What’s the right mix of media for your marketing plan? Today, there are more media options to choose from than ever before and getting a strong return on your marketing investment often depends on getting the media mix right. If you’re not sure how to determine what the right mix is, here are some factors that will help you decide where radio advertising and other marketing mediums best fit into your plan.

1. Radio Offers Mass Reach to Build Awareness

Thing to know about investing in radio. DBCi. DelawareFor years, research by The Nielsen Company has shown that radio is the number one reach medium in the country. The 2018 report is no different. Every week, more than 93% of Americans tune into AM/FM radio. That’s more than watch television, use smartphones, tablets or computers. And that’s just over-the-air listening, streaming of radio stations continues to grow online, on mobile apps and over home audio devices, such as Amazon’s Echo and Google Home.

Contrary to some perceptions, radio has been extremely resilient in the digital era. Even with the rise of digital platforms, radio has maintained a strong reach. TV, on the other hand, is eroding in the face of ‘cord-cutting’ among cable customers and increased use of on-demand streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

So, if your business depends on reaching a large percentage of potential customers in your market area to build awareness, radio makes sense. And you’ll find that on a cost-per-reach basis, radio is among the most economical advertising platforms you can choose from.

What to know before you invest in radio advertising. DBC Interactive.2. Radio Wins New Customers

In another Nielsen study, radio advertising resulted in a 64% increase in new customers for an auto aftermarket retailer. Why? Radio advertising won new customers for this retailer because it reached a large percentage of potential customers in the market and it delivered the advertiser’s message with high frequency. This resulted in increased brand awareness and an increased likelihood to buy—just the formula for winning new customers.

3. Radio Delivers a Strong Return on Investment (ROI)

Recently the Westwood One network had independent research conducted to analyze the return on investment of radio schedules in the consumer packaged goods category. In partnership with Nielsen Catalina Solutions, they connected radio ads exposure to purchase data from over 90 million households and found that the brand experienced an 8% sales lift and nearly a $12 return on every ad dollar spent. Again, this speaks to the effectiveness of radio advertising in reaching a wide swath of current and potential customers.

4. Combine Radio With Digital Marketing

Have you considered pairing your radio advertising with targeted digital advertising? Studies prove thatRadio and digital advertising. What to know before you invest in radio. DBC Interactive. radio advertising can increase website traffic as potential customers learn about the brand and want more information. And targeted digital ads can build on this momentum resulting in even better marketing results. Successful campaigns can include targeted digital display ads, Facebook ads and even paid search advertising. When the reach and frequency of a radio campaign is matched with the targeting power of digital, strong results have often followed.

Need Some Help?

DBC radio stations cover all of Delaware, much of Southeastern Pennsylvania, South Jersey and Eastern Maryland, reaching more than a half million listeners each week.  Our formats are designed to reach various age ranges, allowing you to target your prime prospects by both geography and demographics. As a local advertiser, you can take advantage of the strong reach and effective delivery that DBC radio stations can bring to your marketing message.  Contact us at the form below to learn more about DBC Media radio stations and reaching our passionate listeners.

New Year’s Eve Marketing Ideas for Businesses on a Budget

New Year's Eve Marketing, DBC Interactive

If you’re throwing a New Year’s Eve party at your bar or restaurant, chances are you’ve already invested plenty of time and money into making your event the celebration of the year. You might not feel like putting the extra effort into marketing this late in the game, but if you want your event to be profitable, devoting some time and money towards event marketing will make all the difference. With so many options and so little time, you’ll need to prepare your strategy quickly. Luckily, our experts at DBC Interactive are here to help.  Here are 4 tips to help you spread that word about your New Year’s Eve event before it’s too late.

Create awareness with radio

Radio ads are a great way to build brand awareness with locals who are looking for things to do on New Year’s Eve. According to a study by Edison Research, radio reaches 93 percent of the adult population weekly, making it possible for Two women in car. Radio Advertising Benefits, DBC Interactiveyour bar or restaurant to quickly reach a large number local consumers in a cost-efficient manner. If you’re a Delaware, Maryland or Pennsylvania business owner, DBC Interactive can help you record and place radio ads that fit into your business’s budget. Try following these guidelines to get the most out of your radio advertising:

  • Don’t talk to everyone – The best messages are specific. Narrow your audience by creating radio ads that appeal to a particular group of consumers on a specific occasion. For example, instead of saying “Delaware’s best Piano Bar” try “Ring in the New Year with exclusive musical performances, dancing and door prizes at the Piano Bar.”
  • Include a call to action – If you want people to come to your bar or restaurant’s New Year’s Eve party, provide them with the next steps to do so. Do listeners need to purchase tickets online? Should listeners be prepared to pay a cover at the door? Providing some guidance to your listeners increases the likelihood that they’ll attend your event because they know what’s required of them.
  • Don’t be shy – Great radio ads paint a picture in the minds of listeners of what they can expect to experience at your bar or restaurant’s event. To help spark the imagination of your radio listeners, don’t forget to provide details about your New Year’s Eve party, including theme, food specials, drink specials, music and anything else that sets your business apart from the competition.

Increase effectiveness with digital ads

digital advertising for New Year's Eve Event. DBC Interactive. Delaware, Maryland, PennsylvaniaRadio advertising is one of the best ways you can share your event with large, diverse groups of people. Some listeners may be interested, some may not, and some may be on the fence. To move these listeners further down your funnel, show them how great your party will be through digital advertising. Digital ads take audience targeting to a new level, helping you visually convey the perks of attending your event to locals who fall into the demographics you choose to target, including age, interests and location. Digital ads can also link to the website, social media site or landing page of your choice. This is your bar or restaurant’s opportunity to tell users everything you want them to know about your event. Don’t forget to include visuals, like photos and videos, that show-off the success of your past events.

Digital ads can be particularly helpful for bar and restaurant owners that sell New Year’s Eve event tickets online because they can be directly linked to e-commerce portals, making purchases easy for users and business owners alike. DBC Interactive can help you choose the right type of digital advertising to fit your needs. Here are a few types of digital ads to consider:

Attract social people with social media marketing

Want to get people excited about your New Year’s Eve party? Using social media to share photos and videos of your bar or Marketing New Year's Eve Event on social media. DBC Interactive. Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania.restaurant’s recent events can help capture the attention of customers looking for a place to party on New Year’s Eve. If you’re struggling to figure out what to share on social media or how often to post, remember that quality beats quantity. It’s important to post consistently, but only if you’re sharing information that’s:

  • Relevant to your audience
  • Helpful
  • Entertaining

Make sure that your posts include photos and videos. Consider sharing images of last year’s event or sneak peek videos of what’s to come this year. DBC Interactive can help your bar or restaurant create and set up social media posts that capture the attention of your target demographic. Our experts have the capability to schedule your posts throughout the month, eliminating the need for daily check-ins.

Stay top of mind with email marketing

Email Marketing New Year's Eve Party. DBC Interactive. Delaware, Maryland, PennsylvaniaEmail marketing is a powerful channel for bar and restaurant owners who are looking for ways to promote New Year’s Eve events. Business owners can purchase email lists or build them internally by collecting customer information. Creating your own email list is a little more work, but it does offer several advantages. First, creating your own list won’t cost you anything. Second, you’re reaching people who already know and like your bar or restaurant. Third, you know that the people on your list are interested in receiving updates about what’s happening at your business.

Purchasing an email list also has its advantages. Purchased lists will likely include emails for people who haven’t been to your bar or restaurant, in addition to those that have. Marketing to a mixture of current and new customers is a great way to create awareness and attract new customers to your upcoming event. If you don’t already have an email list, it’s not too late. DBC Interactive can you purchase an email list and create content that garners the attention locals who are looking to have a great time this New Years.

Put Your Event in the Spotlight!

Your bar or restaurant could appeal to thousands of people planning to hit the town on New Year’s Eve. If you need some help with your New Year’s Eve marketing, contact DBC Interactive today to schedule a free consultation. DBC Interactive will work with your budget to help you develop a marketing strategy that creates awareness about your bar or restaurant’s upcoming New Year’s Eve event.




Millennial who? Marketers move on to Generation Z

How to market to Generation Z. Radio, Digital, and Video marketing. DBC Interative. Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania

In the past few years, many businesses have focused their marketing efforts on reaching the millennial generation. Today, the youngest millennials are finally entering the workforce making way for the next generation of influencers, Generation Z (Gen Z). According to Forbes, Generation Z is typically defined as those born between the years of 1996 and 2010. Gen Z’s and millennials might share commonalities, but don’t let that fool you into thinking Gen Z’s will respond to the same type of marketing. If you want to capture the attention of this influential generation, it’s important to understand their lifestyle. Here’s a look at what makes Gen Z’s different and what these differences mean for your marketing strategy.

The digital world is their world

Marketing to Generation Z (Gen Z) through digital advertising. DBC Interactive. Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland.Generation Z is the first generation to grow up completely immersed in a digital environment. Having never lived in a world without internet, connecting and engaging through digital media is not necessarily a conscious decision, but more so a part of this generation’s culture. According to a study by Goldman Sachs, nearly half of Gen Z’s are connected online for 10 hours or more per day through their mobile phones and other devices.

Take advantage of Generation Z’s mobile attachment by incorporating text messages into your marketing strategy. These digital-first thinkers are available to see your ads at any given moment on their mobile devices. With text marketing, you can target mobile users in Delaware, Maryland or Pennsylvania to help drive Gen Z’s into your local business. Text messages are reported to have an open rate of 90 percent within 3 seconds, making text marketing an extremely effective way to reach mobile audiences (Adobe).

They do their research

Generation Z’s digital penchant might lead you to believe that they also prefer a digital shopping experience, but research shows Marketing to Generation Z (Gen Z). Video Marketing and Digital Marketing. DBC Interactive. Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvaniathat’s not the case. According to a study by NRF, 67 percent of Gen Z’s shop in brick-and-mortar stores most of the time, with another 31 percent shopping in-store sometimes, which indicates 97 percent of this cohort shop in brick-and-mortar stores at least some of the time. Once a Gen Z decides to visit your store, what sets them apart from other generations is how well-informed they are about the items they plan to purchase. According to IBM, 98 percent of Gen Z’s know exactly what they’re looking for when they walk into a store. For Gen Z’s, the decision-making process begins with online research where they look at cost, quality and user reviews. When it’s time to buy, the Gen Z shopper already knows what item they want and where they can find it.

If your goal is to attract Gen Z shoppers to your business, you’ll need to capture their attention while they’re still in the online research phase of the purchase cycle; and the best way to do that is by grabbing their attention with video. Because Gen Z’s spend more time conducting online research, it’s important to provide them with as much information as possible about your business’s products and services online. In addition to written descriptions and images, including informative videos on your business’s website and social media pages will help Gen Z’s discover the features and benefits of using your products.

They’re more fiscally conservative

This is where Generation Z’s and millennials really differ. According to Goldman Sachs, Gen Z’s are acutely focused on the financial consequences of their decisions, which is a far cry from the millennial mentality to “follow your dreams at all costs.” Evidence of these opposing ideologies is also seen in generational definitions of success. According to the Cassandra Report, 66 percent of Gen Z’s believe that having “a lot of money” is evidence of success, while only 44 percent of millennials believe the same (Goldman Sachs). “A survey by Lincoln Financial Group found that Gen Z is saving much earlier than previous http://www.dbcinteractive.com/radio/Marketing to Generation Z (Gen Z). Radio, Video Marketing and Digital Marketing. DBC Interactive. Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvaniagenerations – 60% of them already have savings accounts. The same survey revealed this generation’s top three priorities: getting a job, finishing college, and safeguarding money for the future (Precision Dialogue).”

The fiscally conservative nature and age of Generation Z’s make them less likely to splurge on non-essentials like satellite radio. If you want to reach the Gen Z market, radio advertising is where you want to be. Targeting Gen Z’s through radio is easy because of their very predictable school schedule. Gen Z’s are also more likely to listen to new music, making it easier for you to determine which local stations will best reach this demographic.

Ready to start marketing to Gen Z?

If you want to reach Gen Z’s with your marketing, understanding their differences is the first step towards developing a well-rounded marketing plan. The experts at DBC Interactive understand how to reach Gen Z’s through text message, video and radio marketing in Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. If you’re not sure where to start, contact DBC Interactive for a free marketing consultation today.

Welcome to the Next Generation of Retail Marketing

digital marketing discussionGone are the days of door-to-door sales and having milk delivered fresh to your doorstep. Now there’s Amazon sending your groceries and clothes to you with an instant click of a button. The human element of retail marketing has changed over the years. With a new generation of shoppers looking for your retail business, your business has to adapt to capture these customers.

Are there ways to bring back the human element of retail marketing by using the technological changes to your advantage?

Here’s five ways your Delaware, Maryland and Southern PA retail business can bring back the good ol’ days of marketing to the 21st century:

1. Reach people when they’re close by. Use geofencing.

Geo-fencing may be a new concept to your retail business. The name says it all; geo-fencing allows your business to “fence” a geographic area that is only visible to your mobile device. In short, when someone enters a geo-fenced region, the mobile user can receive your display ad on apps and websites they use. It’s about reaching the right audience, in the right place, with a message relevant to them.

Some geo-fencing businesses wonder if they can reach a large audience with mobile-only ads. But, 77% of all Americans own a smartphone, and 85% of college graduates use a smartphone, which means smartphone users are plentiful.

DBCi knows geo-fencing inside and out. They can show you how geofencing can work for driving new customers through your doors.

2. Looking for face-to-face interaction in a digital age? Use video.

Humanizing your retail business is key if you want to maintain a regular customer base. The personal touch that video can bring could help make your retail business stand out. Your retail business can use video to tell your brand’s story and to connect with your customers. A video is an effective way to communicate your business’s value to your audience.

Keep it interesting by featuring eye-catching visuals and showing a variety of real people. Video can capture authenticity by giving viewers a real, behind the scenes look at your organization. DBCi can use video to expand on your selling message and humanize your brand.

3. Spread the news of sales and offers to thousands quickly. Use radio.

More people are listening to the radio today than ever before. Over 93% of America tune to radio every week. With one billion radio receivers in the United States alone, people are never far from their favorite station or from hearing your advertisement. But, how will you reach the audience you want?Girl shopping at retail stores Lancaster

Radio offers exceptional targeting ability. Your business can pinpoint the exact target audience you want by selecting the right radio station. Radio formats make targeting an audience easy. Use radio to get the kind of reach you need to spread the word of your business with your prime customers.DBC Media radio stations serve listeners and advertisers across Delaware, eastern Maryland, southern New Jersey and southeastern Pennsylvania. With our expertise in all things radio, DBCi can help your retail business develop a marketing campaign that connects with the large audience our radio stations reach.

4. Hand-written letters are still great, but there’s a simpler way. Use email marketing.

Hand-written letters are still as endearing as they were in their prime. But email marketing is the new way to connect with customers, send sales offers, and thank them for their business. Your retail business can use email marketing to attract, retain, and grow loyal customer bases.

Effective email marketing does require some experience and skill. Done correctly, email marketing builds trust and generates lots of clicks within the email. Here’s a few tips to help make sure you build trust with email marketing:

  • Make sure you have permission to send. Don’t automatically grab email addresses – ask people to give you email addresses or use a reputable list service that guarantees recipients have given permission to receive emails.
  • Explain your benefits clearly. It’s not enough to tell them what you want them to do, you need to outline the benefit to the customer. Make them understand what’s in it for them.
  • Make it easy to unsubscribe. Customers are entitled to change their minds. Show them you respect their decision.
  • Don’t spam customers by emailing too often. Enough said.

DBCi can help you create trust-building emails and then send those emails only to the people in your area who are ready to shop at your store. DBCi can show you how your retail business can use the power of targeted opt-in emails to attract shoppers. For more information and tips for email marketing, listen to Jessica Best, Director of Data Driven Marketing, speak about her top three email marketing tips for 2017.


5. Make Google your new best friend. Use search engine marketing.

The days of asking neighbors and friends for suggestions on places to eat and shop are still here, but more and more customers are going online to get ideas and recommendations. Google and other search engines have quickly become the go-to place to ask for help. That’s why you want your retail business to be at the top of Google, Yelp, or Bing. One way to reach the top of search engine results is through SEM.

Short for “search engine marketing,” SEM describes the immediate, money-backed portion of search engine marketing that commonly takes the shape of PPC (pay-per-click) search engine ads. SEM includes Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and other more specific areas of paid search advertising like retargeting, geo-targeting and mobile targeting. All of these marketing tools can be used to get your retail store on the top of results and become Google’s BFF.

Even if customers in the Delaware Valley already know your retail business, tapping into SEM is still crucial to attracting new customers and retaining old ones. DBCi can help your retail store increase online clicks, conversion rates, and sales. SEM can be your best friend for reaching shoppers in the 21st century, whether they’re at home or out shopping.

Be the place to shop!

With the help of these tips, your business can beat out the competition and keep attracting new and repeat consumers. DBCi knows how to use marketing techniques like radio and geofencing to have shoppers come through your doors.  Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

To read more tips for your retail business, click here to see how your retail business can use turbo targeting to reach local consumers.

Streaming Commercials Increase Ad Recall and Response

Broadcast Radio

When used together with broadcast radio, streaming audio can improve the response rate and recall of advertising.

That’s one of the key findings behind TargetSpot’s Ad Impact Study.

The study shows that when an advertiser uses broadcast radio and internet radio together, the campaign achieved a 3.5x higher ad response than broadcast alone.

Radio Ad Responses

The study reports that 96% of listeners access internet radio on a desktop/laptop computer. Approximately half (45%) listen on a mobile/smartphone and 15% listen on tablet devices.
Streaming commercials increased ad responses for broadcast campaigns and online ads alike.

Four out of ten listeners to internet radio advertising have responded to an ad:
• 17% visited the company website
• 15% searched online for product information
• 13% clicked on an ad
• 10% became a fan / clicked “like” on a social network
• 10% became a fan / clicked “like” on a social network
• 7% sent e-mail or text to the company
• 5% called the company

The most likely action for a listener to take after hearing an internet radio ad is to visit the client’s website.

Internet-radio listeners are also influential, with over half saying that they tell friends, family, or co-workers about new products or services they like.
Internet Radio Audience

This study sheds light on internet radio’s growth and viability as an ad delivery venue. Streaming radio delivers engaged, heavy internet users.

See more at http://www.delmarvabroadcasting.com/dbcmedia/internet


Radio: Perception (Old Fashioned) vs Reality (America’s #1 Reach Medium)

Radio Advertising

Radio Has Kept Its Reach While TV Is Eroding

Each year, the Nielsen ratings company does an Audience Report on radio listening.  The 2015 report, like many before it, found plenty of positive indicators about the reach and power of radio. And contrary to the perceptions of many in the public as well as the marketing community, radio has been extremely resilient in the digital era — especially compared to television.

Among the highlights:

  • Radio is #1 in reach among Adults 18+, 18-34 and 35-49.
  • Among Adults 18+ Radio’s weekly reach (93%), surpasses TV (87%), Smartphones (70%), Social Networks on Smartphones (61%), PC (54%) and Smartphone video (37%)
  • Radio’s 18-34 weekly reach advantage over television (93% to 76%) is significant.
  • Among 18-34s, the number of days of weekly usage is led by Smartphones (5.9), followed by Radio (5.0), Television (4.7), Tablet (4.6) and PC (3.6). 18-34s are more frequent weekly users of radio versus television.

Perception of Radio

Overall, in a true apples-to-apples comparison, more than 90% of Americans are reached weekly by radio — more than TV and smartphones. While radio has always been known for its value, allowing advertisers to build frequency in getting their message heard at a reasonable cost, the medium has also always had significant reach. Even with the rise of digital platforms, radio has kept that reach, while TV is eroding in the face of ‘cord-cutting’ among cable customers and increased use of on-demand streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Radio industry leaders have long said that radio has a perception problem, not an audience problem. As a local advertiser, you can take advantage of the strong reach and frequency that local radio stations can bring to your marketing message.  Contact us by clicking below to learn more about DBC Media radio stations and reaching our passionate listeners.


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