4 Mobile Marketing Tips to Attract Holiday Shoppers in 2017

How to attract holiday shoppers with mobile marketing. DBC Interative. Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey.

For the first time ever, researchers at Adobe predict that more than half of holiday website visits this season will come from mobile phones and tablets, surpassing desktop computers. Consumers today expect to find answers to their questions at a moment’s notice. They’re using their smartphones to search for things like gift ideas, holiday deals, store locations and phone numbers anytime, anywhere.

But that doesn’t mean shoppers are always interested in seeing your holiday ads. Smart business owners know they need to deliver the right ads at the right time. And if your ads aren’t timely and relevant, your messages will be ignored. While a variety of channels should always be part of your marketing mix, advertising through mobile media is one of the best ways to reach shoppers during moments when they want to see your ads. When shoppers perform searches on mobile, they are:

So how can your business reach consumers at the right moment this holiday season? Here are a few best practices put together by the digital marketing experts at DBC Interactive.

1. Be mobile-friendly

Adding responsive design to your website. DBC Interactive.Every day, holiday shoppers are turning to their cell phones to find information about items on their holiday shopping list. As more shoppers migrate to a mobile platform, the expectation of the user experience continues to grow. If your website is slow to load or doesn’t adjust to fit your shopper’s device screen, you could easily lose a potential sale. To keep up with shopper expectations, many businesses are moving to websites that have responsive design.

Responsive design works by adjusting to fit any user’s screen size, platform and phone orientation, seamlessly creating an easy-to-use interface. According to a study by IAQUIRE and SurveyMonkey, 40% of users will leave your site for another result if your website isn’t mobile-friendly. If your business hasn’t made the move to responsive design, making this simple change could help you bring in business you didn’t know you were missing this holiday season.

2. Know when you’re neededmobile marketing to holiday shoppers. DBC Interactive, Delaware.

Think about how and when your customers use digital tools and devices during their holiday shopping. Are they wandering the mall scouting out the best Black Friday deals or are they researching holiday travel plans well in advance? If you’re working on your business’s holiday marketing plan, it can be helpful to map out the different paths and decision processes of your customers, then plan how you can use digital marketing to meet their needs in those specific moments.

3. Understand the power of search engines

What if I told you that your business’s holiday ads could appear at the top of the most popular websites in the world and you only had to pay for these ads if users clicked on them? This type of advertising might sound too good to be true, but it’s actually a very effective and affordable way for small businesses to promote their holiday gifts on Google. Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are designed to market your business to shoppers who are using search engines to find products or services that you sell, especially during the holidays when competition among retailers is fierce. If you aren’t sure whether or not PPC is right for your business, contact our team of experts at DBC Interactive for help. We can provide you with more information about how PPC works and give recommendations that fit into your business’s marketing budget.

Mobile marketing for businesses through geo-fencing and PPC. DBC Interactive, Delaware.4. Explore geo-targeting

Most mobile devices today are location-enabled, providing business owners with a huge opportunity to target holiday shoppers by their location at any given moment. How could this help your business? Consider this: You’re the owner of a retail shop in the mall and you want to attract holiday shoppers with a 50% off sale. Wouldn’t it be nice to send your 50% off ad to every single shopper using their cell phone in the mall? With geo-targeting, you can do exactly that. Whether your goal is to reach holiday shoppers near your business or shoppers anywhere else on the map, geo-targeting makes it possible for you to very specifically target your ads by location. Another geo-targeting strategy that you can employ is targeting your competition’s location. This tactic works especially well for businesses that sell more niche products.


If you haven’t moved into the world of mobile marketing, now is the time to strike. Contact us today for a free consultation and tell us more about your Delaware, Maryland or Southern New Jersey business.

The Importance of Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing Sign

I know, I know. You are probably thinking to yourself “Enough talk about mobile marketing already!” But the truth is that the trend is only going to continue to grow. Hence why my wonderful colleagues and I keep coming back to the beautiful world that is Mobile Marketing. So buckle up, and let’s take the ride together.
Let me break it down in numbers. Did you know that 64% of decision makers read email on their phones? Oh, and let’s not forget those wonderful customers who come into your business and make a purchase or commit to a service… yeah, them…well 60% of customers use their smart phone IN your store. I am no mathematician but those numbers are pretty big if you ask me. And it does not end there.

Check these out:
• 50% use it on the way to the store
• 73% of mobile searches trigger follow-up actions. *CHA-CHING*
• 43% of searches use local keywords (Ie. HVAC in Wilmington, Bakery in Newark)
• Mobile ads get 10x the redemption rate as traditional coupons and 3x more clicks.
• Recipients of email marketing campaigns purchase 28% more often and they order 44% more.

The number of searches being conducted on a hand held device are astronomical compared to 5 years ago. Welcome to 2015. What I am getting at is simply taking the move to ensure your site is mobile ready, and using that to your advantage, is a no-brainer.
Google now recognizes how important mobile searches are, and are now using whether or not a site is mobile-optimized as one of its key ranking factors. Sites that are not optimized will automatically be placed below those that are. Do not let that happen to you! We here at DBCi can help. Not only will get get your site mobile optimized, but we can help market to the large number of consumers who use their smart device for…well… pretty much everything.

Mobile Marketing

Questions? Contact us and let’s have a conversation about how DBCi and our digital products & services can help you reach your target consumer!

Geo-Fencing: Fishing Where the Fish Are

Reach your clients with geo-fencing

Everyone knows that when it comes to marketing, it all about location and getting your message into the hands of your potential clients. With the influx of mobile usage, marketers have become more effective at targeting your clients exactly when and where you want to through location based advertising.

Location based advertising has come a long way over that last few years and is making a huge splash for local advertisers taking the plunge into mobile marketing. In particular, Geo-Fencing is getting a lot of attention right now and it works by using location based services through any mobile device that has locations services turned on. It allows the advertiser to target potential clients by setting up “invisible” fences around a specific geographical area and then delivering ads or messages to the mobile users that enter the fenced area through their mobile device. You can now theoretically, fish where the fish are!

The best thing about Geo-Fencing is that it can work so well for many different business categories that are trying to target new customers. Their message may be different but the goal is all the same: Target new local business!Geo-fencing

The opportunities are endless when it comes to Geo-Fencing but here are 5 great examples of how it is working for local businesses today:

  1.        Auto Dealers – Target potential customers before & after they visit their lot.

  2.        Dentist Offices – Target “family friendly” locations to draw in new clients.

  3.        Furniture Stores – Target local shoppers or new home owners in newly developed areas.

  4.        Staffing Companies – Target potential employees throughout specific local areas.

  5.        Landscaping – Target clients in local neighborhoods looking for seasonal service.

Interested in setting up your own Geo-Fencing campaign or have additional questions? Contact the DBC interactive team today to discuss how mobile marketing can help you reach your target customers!


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