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You can find endless articles and blogs that focus on how car dealerships with large marketing teams and budgets made digital marketing solutions work for them. While those case studies are interesting, maybe your store doesn’t have a limitless budget and all you really want are ideas that will move the needle for your business right now.


That’s why we decided to focus this blog on three strong lead generation ideas developed just for auto dealerships that don’t take a lot of time, that don’t cost a lot of money, and that could be in place this month. Implement these ideas right away, and you’ll quickly discover how far you can stretch your marketing dollar.

IDEA #1: Geo-Fence the Country Club (or Other Prospects’ Locations)


If you’re a luxury or near-luxury brand, country clubs are still a vibrant place for local, affluent consumers to gather, and they offer a condensed audience of well-heeled, status-driven, consumers. However, most country clubs don’t offer on-site advertising. You can get around this with Geo-Fencing. Geo-Fencing allows you to geographically target mobile ads in a specific location. While members are on the club property, you can deliver ads to their smart phones that remind them that you have a great car, on the lot, ready to go. You can even tap into the exclusivity of club membership by including a special offer just for club members who act now.

Don’t have a luxury brand? Geo-Fencing can be targeted to precisely deliver mobile app and web site advertising wherever your prospects gather; the little league or minor league ballpark, events & festivals, resort areas, competitive brands and of course, your own location!

IDEA #2: Run a Limited Time Offer in a Facebook ad 

Facebook ads are highly targeted and relatively affordable. You can create and run them in just a few days. Best of all, Facebook delivers these ads only to the precise audience you want to reach, regardless of when they log-in to their news feed. Run a limited-time-only offer that requires a dealer visit within a certain turnaround time to redeem. Track your campaign’s success by limiting this offer only to your Facebook campaign.

IDEA #3: Learn all About “Audience Extension” and How it Can Stretch your Dollars

Audience Extension

Want to reach a very specific audience with your sales offers? Define your ideal prospect and deliver Web and mobile advertising to those prospects.Target families who live in a radius from your location, a group of prime zip codes, college educated,  expressed interest in cars? Or maybe you want to test different offers to different audience segments in different zip codes? You can do this by delivering banner ads to the websites that these audiences visit through a digital advertising program called “audience extension.” It’s targeted, it’s local and it’s effective.  Plus, you can even re target visitors to your web site and deliver ads and offers to those who have already shown an interest in your inventory or offers by visiting your Web site.


Now you have three great ideas that you can implement without a lot of time or money. And of course, if you want some help testing any of these offers, just click below and we’ll get you on the road quickly.


Digital Tools Drive Leads for Auto Dealerships

Man and woman bying a car.Men sitting in a car and showing car key. Focus on key.


The automotive retail world has changed dramatically in the last few years. Potential auto purchasers have more information and options than ever. They can research new or used, truck or cross over, sales and rebates and more. No wonder auto purchasing seems so complicated to both dealerships and buyers.

The good news is that auto dealerships can make these tools work to their advantage. Getting traction with digital tools is more targeted and affordable than ever.

DBCi has many digital marketing options that can drive more traffic to your website and your showroom.

Retargeting Keeps Your Message in Front of Web Visitors

You’re probably tracking your website traffic. So you may already know how many people visit, how much time they spend there and whether it is direct traffic or referral traffic from 3rd party sources like But do you know how to keep marketing to these website visitors even after they’ve left your website?

Retargeting is a tool many dealerships have already employed. Retarget allows you to send additional advertising and messages to people who have already visited your website. “Remarketing” or “Retargeting” ads allow you to remind previous visitors of the cars or trucks they viewed on your site. You can customize your messages with a range of offers based on their activity while on your site. Online retailers have been using retargeting successfully for years. The practice is gaining popularity with auto dealerships because it’s an effective way to drive traffic to your auto lots.

Online Display Advertising Expands Your Audience

Young couple in a cafe using digital tabletWhile your website is a great place to promote your business, it won’t be effective if site traffic is low. One way to increase qualified traffic to your website is to invest in online display advertising. You’re able to target your ads by location, by interests and even by likelihood to purchase a vehicle in the coming months. DBCi offers digital display space on thousands of high-traffic, brand safe websites to allow you to reach thousands in your market.

Targeted Emails Allow You to Send the Right Messages at the Right Time

Email marketing has changed dramatically in the last few years. Targeted emails allow you to go beyond mailing lists and target by zip codes and even deliver to audiences based on their intent to purchase certain vehicle makes. With targeted email campaigns, you can even create automatic follow-up offers for people who opened or clicked through to your website, so you can give interested customers an extra push to visit your lot.

Geofencing Reaches People at the Right Place

Wouldn’t it be great to send your messages to people as they shop on other auto lots? Would you like to send ads to people waiting in auto repair shops? Geofencing allows you to do just that.

blurred car in showroomGeofencing allows you to send ads to websites and apps to people in specific areas. You can target ads within 100 feet of your desired location, you can actually can target people in repair shops, auto lots or other places your future customers might be. Once you identify these people, you can send follow up messages to them for weeks afterwards. And the best news is that although this cutting edge technology requires specialized marketing expertise to launch, it’s actually quite affordable when you use marketing partners like DBC interactive.

Want to find out how to get more people to visit your auto dealership? Shoot me an email and we’ll develop a custom plan that fits your needs and your budget.



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