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Long gone are the days of being greeted with a friendly “You’ve got mail” when logging online. Sure, times have changed and the digital world continues to evolve, but there’s no denying that Email is a mainstay in the marketing toolbox. But, with change, this means that marketers need to continuously evolve their email strategies to cater to their particular audience.

Our email marketing services are designed to help you reach your prospective clients through targeted demographics and strategic filters. Looking to target all home owners with children present in the household who have a HHI of $75k+ and that live in New Castle County Delaware? No problem!

From subject line to the creative design, we can create an email marketing campaign that mirrors your website and effectively communicates your brand. Email marketing allows you to distribute your message to your growing list of members. It’s not just about sending an email, it’s about making a connection and either introducing yourself, or reminding someone you’re still here.

  • Tested delivery rates.
  • DMA Guideline and CAN-SPAM compliant
  • Filtered demographic, behavioral, and geographic filters for an average of 120+ categories.
  • 200M+ Double opt-in subscribers
  • Real-time tracking of email campaigns
  • Regularly updated database (every 60-90 days) to ensure high quality and high quantity response rate

No more worrying about the costs of printing and postage, email marketing allows your business the opportunity to generate new and repeat business affordably. All with real-time data of their successfulness. Push send and grow your business with DBCinteractive and email marketing.

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