Our advertisers need digital support for marketing products and services so Delmarva Broadcasting created an Interactive division – DBCi to fully address internet marketing. On the Web since 1993, streaming since 1995 and creating DBCi in 2004, we have been on the leading edge of interactive marketing.

Digital Advertising Products

Customize a campaign to reach your best customers online with Digital Ads in our network of high traffic, high brand and brand safe websites. Target by geography and demographics and specify your market.

Today’s customers take time to research and reflect before making a purchasing decision. Now you can keep in touch and stay relevant to customers throughout their buying decision. Ever wonder how those ads for things you just looked at online seem to follow you around? Yeah, that’s retargeting! Stay engaged with your target audience as they travel around the Web, and keep your products and services top-of-mind until they come back to your site to make a purchase.

DBC InteractiveMore than ever customers expect businesses to have a one-size-fits all online presence. Providing the best experience for your customers should be easy and we can help. Don’t lose out on business because you can’t provide the best user experience for your customers. Here is how we can help:

  • Allows one platform to update content across all devices
  • Access to a content management system (CMS)
  • Benefit from new features within our upcoming releases
  • Create higher visibility on search engines

Are you losing customers who are searching for your business while they’re on the go? Distill the best, most important parts of your website into one easy-to-use, intuitive mobile site. Being able to immediately engage with your “on the go” customers can improve your customers experiences, meaning more business for you.

Benefits of a Mobile Website:

  • Improves user experience: click-to-call or click-to-email functionality
  • Provide ongoing support and maintenance
  • Social media, search integration, contact forms and more

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important fundamental elements to any successful digital marketing campaign and the best long term investment in driving quality traffic to a brand’s web pages. Today’s SEO is a tricky game only navigated successfully by top experts and thought leaders with the ability to stay on the cutting edge of technology and algorithm updates.

When customers go to search engines, they’re basically raising their hand and asking for information about your product or brand. Is your brand there when they do? We can help you increase clicks, conversion rates and sales – and always be there when your customers are looking for you! Whether they’re at home or on their mobile.

  • Email Marketing

DBC InteractiveFrom subject line to the creative design, we can create an email marketing campaign that mirrors your website and effectively communicates your brand. Email marketing allows you to distribute your message to your growing list of members. It’s not just about sending an email, it’s about making a connection and either introducing yourself, or reminding someone you’re still here.

  • Video

For the right project you may want to use video to expand on your selling message. This can be on a special landing page or in advance of video or audio content that is accessed through our websites.

Every radio station we have streams its content online and to smartphones through free apps available in iTunes and other app stores. The commercial content on these streams is separate from our terrestrial radio broadcasts and offers a very efficient way to reach digital friendly consumers.

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