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3 Digital Tips for Healthcare Marketers

By- Heather Szarka

More people are turning to the web to find healthcare information and practices and businesses they need. And why not? Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing can make it easy for all kinds of people to locate all sorts of healthcare products and services. During these searches, people often form a first impression. They learn things like ”Which insurance carriers does your practice accept?” “What kind of reviews have previous patients left?” and “Does your practice conduct itself with

How to Take the Headache Out Of Menu Changes and Restaurant Marketing

By- Heather Szarka

Things change constantly in the food industry. New regulations, new customers, new tastes, new ingredients. There’s one thing that might always change for your Delaware, Maryland or Pennsylvania restaurant…it’s the menu. Rotating your seasonal menu might be stressful, but worth every second. It keeps your guests excited, your staff creative, and your competition at bay. But when your menu changes seasonally, marketing your new menu could be a challenge. Buzzwords like “fresh” or “seasonal” won’t help you stand out anymore

Staying Organized on Social Media

By- Melissa Stanley

  When you’re managing multiple brands on social media or several different platforms, it can be really difficult to stay organized and post consistently. We stress to our clients constantly that it is important to have a social media presence, but it’s even more important to do it properly. Any mistakes you make are visible to the public and subject to criticism. It’s important to stay organized in order to avoid these costly mistakes.   Here are some tips and

Get more leads!

Why Your Lead Generation is Missing the Mark (And How You Can Fix It)

By- Heather Szarka

Your Delaware Valley, Maryland, or Southern Pennsylvania business might be missing the mark when it comes to lead generation. Today’s consumer has taken control of their buying process. Instead of waiting to hear from your business, they are searching for your business first. If your business relies on a constant stream of new clients, then lead generation is a crucial part of your business’s growth and survival. And, if your strategy doesn’t help the customer find you, then it needs

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Welcome to the Next Generation of Retail Marketing

By- Heather Szarka

Gone are the days of door-to-door sales and having milk delivered fresh to your doorstep. Now there’s Amazon sending your groceries and clothes to you with an instant click of a button. The human element of retail marketing has changed over the years. With a new generation of shoppers looking for your retail business, your business has to adapt to capture these customers. Are there ways to bring back the human element of retail marketing by using the technological changes

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The 4 Secrets to Finding Auto Buyers at the Right Time

By- Heather Szarka

Auto marketers know that the average research timeline for a new auto purchase can span months. Within that buying window, customers turn to digital devices to search for vital information about their future automotive purchase. On their phone or on their laptop, buyers are looking for answers to their questions, ranging from vehicle safety to loan payments. Your dealership’s online presence may be the first interaction with your business. Delaware, Maryland and Southern Pennsylvania auto dealerships need to make a

Beauty Businesses: Use Digital to Attract More Clients

By- Mark Weidel

While Millennials have proven to be a marketing challenge for many industries, the beauty industry is booming. Millennials’ love of digital media and their strong desire to look their best in their selfies combine to fuel a bona fide beauty boom. The beauty industry, especially high-end beauty products and processes, has been growing steadily, according to research from The NPD Group. And although digital media is responsible for increasing the desire to look great, when it comes to beauty products

How to Compete with Big Chain Restaurants

By- Melissa Stanley

According to Bloomberg, independent restaurants are growing faster than big chains and will continue to for the next several years. Annual revenue for independent restaurants is predicted to grow 5% each year through the year 2020. This is great news for the small business owner, but also brings to light some marketing challenges that independent restaurants face. Without the clout of the big-name brands, it’s difficult for smaller restaurants to stay top of mind with their customers. Here are some

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Medical Marketing: Create More Awareness

By- Heather Szarka

Marketing a healthcare business certainly has a unique set of challenges. The FDA’s heavy regulation on medical marketing messages combines with HIPAA compliance regulations that restrict how patient information is used and stored. It’s not only difficult to find new and effective ways to market to potential patients, it can also be intimidating. How can you take advantage of new marketing techniques in such a heavily regulated industry? It’s no longer argued whether digital marketing is effective in reaching potential

Who Will Manage Your Social Media?

By- Melissa Stanley

In previous blogs we have talked about Social Media Planning and things like what to post and why to post it, but many small business owners are still struggling with the “Who.” As in who will manage their social media? As I mentioned in my previous blogblog on building your Social Media Strategy, it’s great to have multiple people involved in generating content for your Social Media profiles. However it’s also important to designate a single person that can manage them all effectively. If there

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