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So unless you are living under a rock, in a very deep hole covered by magma and lava… you know you need social media. You know how important social media is. But what platform is right for you and your business?? There are so many different ways to get our brand recognized in social media and they all require a certain amount of time and dedication to be done right and to get the most out of what you’re putting in.

So Which one is for you and how do you choose? Here’s a brief rundown:

Facebook LogoFacebook

93% of adults who are online users are “friends” with Mark Zuckerberg. So just because everyone else is on there does that mean you should be too? In a word. YES. Because all of your audience is already there. Facebook is used to keep in touch with family, friends and even news. While people are clicking through these personal posts they are also seeing tons of other posts all meant to spark conversations… or even sales.

It’s a casual environment and almost anything goes. With taste of course and you want to stay true to your brand.  Keep about 60 % sharing and 40% about your company. You don’t want it to come across sales-y. Remember this is all about SHARING not advertising.

Facebook has however figured out how to make money and most organic reach is tough to say the least so you need a small budget here. It’s worth it! I could write pages on this but that is all for another post.

The ways to share and connect on Facebook are almost endless. Most other platforms only use some or one way to connect for different reasons. On Facebook you can post with an image, which is always the best way or better yet a video. You can also use hashtags that will allow you to come up in a search. There are chat or message apps connected to directly contact. You can join groups with similar interests or target audiences and form events to invite potential clients. Not to mention the endless amount of statistics Facebook automatically gives you in business account, with the ability to target your ads and posts to the exact demographic you are trying to reach.

To be clear… if you are business… you are starting a business account. Please do NOT try to use a personal one… huge no-no and you will regret it. And remember, Facebook is NOT your business website!

Twitter logoTwitter

There are 650 million registered users on Twitter. Which means there are a lot of people you have access to. That also means with 58 million tweets per day it’s really easy to get lost in a world of tweets for a twitter user. So in my opinion you need to be sure it’s worth it. Decide where your audience is located. Are they on twitter and more importantly are they using it frequently? To find out …look into groups and other twitter accounts similar to what yours would be like. Are they engaging? How many followers do they have?

If your target audience is nationwide or even worldwide? This is a big one to determining if twitter is the best platform because it’s really easy to connect with people all over the world in real time. Just use some hashtags and jump into these conversations from anywhere and anytime. Twitter is not the type of platform however, you can post it and forget it. (None are really) You need to be tweeting several times a day and staying in connection throughout the topic of conversation.

LinkedIn logoLinkedIn

LinkedIn is like “Facebook” for the professional. If you are someone who needs to make constant connections through networking, you do the recruiting, or hiring, if you are looking for a job, this is the platform for you! It’s perfect for learning opinions and finding great articles on all work related topics, advice, industry insights and more.

Some things to keep in mind with Linked-In: it is for professionals and should be used as such. Basically that means it is not as casual (it’s not regular Facebook). Posts should be professional and relevant to your profession. You should keep those you accept in your linked in only if you actually are connected with them in some way. This will help you see how you have other connections in 2nd and 3rd degree connections. Otherwise your actual connections will be too watered down to track. It’s all about growing your professional network.

Instagram logoInstagramSocial Media Platforms

A picture is worth a thousand words right? This social media platform is based solely on this premise and it works!   The best part is not only do you have a picture that is visually appealing but you can now share videos too! In addition to sharing with great sights to feast your eyes on, you are also able to take advantage of the hashtags to ensure your post will come up in a search and get more followers. For that reason it is common to have a post with over 11 different hashtags, as there is no limit to the length of the content.

So if you are in the food, fashion, designing, decorating, fitness or any other visual industry this is a no brainer! Instagram is much less formal and you can really let your personally shine here.

Pinterest logoPinterest

Pinterest is similar to Instagram in that it also based on the visuals. Pinterest is also great for organizing and looking for inspiration. Perfect for DIY, how to, cooking, travel, home decor, photography and so much more. Pinterest is most popular with women so if females play a big part in your profession it’s probably a good idea to get a Pinterest account. Another fun fact: Pinterest users spend 3 times the amount of money other social media platforms spend.

Google+ logoGoogle+

Great for sharing to personal and professional and other various different types of audiences you might have. This is because all of your “groups” are organized into “circles” that can be shared to individually without sharing to other circles.

Currently the platform has about 300 million users so it’s certainly worth looking into.

Anyone with a website that needs some SEO lift, this platform is a great way to get some leverage. It is affiliated with a well-known search engine you may have heard of.. Google? So that’s a major plus. You can utilize hash tags and tags which can help with getting your post in front of the target audience.

YouTube logoYouTube

YouTube has been around for a while and many people do not think of it as a social media platform but it is so overlooked! There are over 1 billion users that visit their site every month! Also 80% of this traffic comes from outside the US so if that is a demographic you want to gain access to, this platform is for you! YouTube is also owned my google which means again… SEO boosts!

YouTube is a great platform for the obvious… videos! If you are offering advice or how to…this is a great way to do so wish informational videos. In addition you can do behind the scenes footage to add humor and fun and some unexpected content.

Tips for this platform are definitely using a good headline to get the initial click… very important. Next get the word out and put your video links everywhere you can. Be very diligent in your descriptions and tag, tag, tag!

Hope this helps!… In conclusion: It is far better to do a few platforms well, than to do all of them terribly. Pick 2 or 3 and have some fun. Play with posts and see what works and what doesn’t. If all else fails hire a professional… better yet ask us… we can help!



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